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Choosing to earn a degree in Metaphysics is an important decision. If you have a question that is not answered on this website, we encourage you to use our live student support system by clicking the button above. We are often available to answer your questions live online.

ICMT is proud to uphold the high standards expected of today's world-class Colleges, Universities and Post-Secondary educational institutions. To learn more about ICMT, visit the link below: Answers to the most common questions about earning your degree with ICMT



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International College of Metaphysical Theology is a religious not-for-profit educational institution incorporated in the State of Washington. The program is designed for those seeking professional recognition in the Metaphysical Field and/or certification as ministerial practitioners and teachers. The purpose of the institution is to help students broaden their minds, find the path to success through the dedicated study of metaphysics, and to recognize the value of the human experience.

Our teaching programs are devoid of empty theories and impractical ideas. Instructions, suggestions, lessons, tests and exercises are given to guide the student toward a consciousness of the truth, which in turn leads the student to health, harmony and prosperity in life.

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